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Paula Griffith and The Next Star Cast
Global Television’s Da Kink In My Hair

"Canadian songstress Paula Griffith brings the songs to life…Her vocals are both strong yet delicate and every song is an expression of her own hopes and dreams... Her message of personal hope and acceptance is both inspiring and engaging.
Paula Griffith is a powerhouse of talent.  ...Robin Parish, Music Press

Paula is a classically trained singer, and a graduate from The University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She is also a certified Specialist of Vocal Styles from The Berklee College of Music. As a leading international expert in vocal training, Paula has created a one-of-a-kind curriculum that was the first Pop, R&B, Contemporary vocal program accredited by a College or University in Canada.


Paula has moved audiences around the world and has even performed for some of the greatest musicians of our lifetime like Quincy Jones and Elton John and worked with Grammy and Juno winners like Jill Scott and Liberty Silver.

Recording three successful albums, Paula has worked with top Toronto, New York and L.A. producers that have created music for other artists like Brandy, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, James Brown and Mary J Blige. In addition, Paula has gained her extensive performance experience being on T.V. and film and is currently a member of the ACTRA union to which her credits include national Canadian and American Commercials.

As a music director, vocal teacher and performance coach, she has organized many successful talent shows and major benefit concerts handling over 200 performers at a time. Some of her students have gone on to have successful careers appearing in such feature films as ‘Honey’, music videos and working for successful artists like Drake, Missy Elliot, Keisha Chante and Julie Black.

Today, Paula has become one of the best and most sought-after contemporary vocal coaches in Canada, and is committed to giving her students the tools, tricks and tips to "get" something from each and every lesson with lasting, consistent results.

    Her services include:
  • Private Lessons
  • Seminars/ Group/ Workshops
  • In-studio Vocal Production
  • Voice Safety and Vocal Damage Prevention
  • Performance Coaching- Working on body awareness, physical confidence, stage presence,general choreography/staging, microphone technique, developing a compelling show from start to finish.

Paula has the voice to guide her students through their repertoire of songs and give feedback and advice on how to improve not only the execution of those songs, but also the vocal arrangements, vocal phrasing, articulation, enunciation, correct lyrics, pitch, volume breath intake, minimize awkwardness and rhythms and overall approach to the song. Essentially, she will help a student prepare and polish a song to be recorded or performed in front of an audience to create a flawless performance.

So what sets Paula apart from most other vocal coaches?

She has a very unique teaching style. She gets remarkable results so fast that most of her students have named her “The Vocal Genius”! But she feels that her claim to any success is just by her ‘listening’ and knowing how to communicate to her students what is the correct sound for them to sing. Only after a few lessons, her students begin to discover and understand how to listen to their own voices. It’s really a transformation.

As a performance coach Paula provides a unique program that teaches a singer how to present themselves using their mind, body and soul in a consistent way in order to achieve their ultimate performance. She has a great sense of the body and helps the performer connect to each word to create a physical, emotional and spiritual expression. Paula is confident that her vocal and performance techniques will help you develop a greater voice and performance then you ever imagined.

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