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Paula Griffith, expert vocal coach and C.E.O of PG Productions Vocal Training Studio has partnered with Cherry Beach Sound, Canada’s leading recording studio to help aspiring singers reach their potential. This multi-million dollar studio, home to superstar artists like Rihanna, Drake, John Legend and The Weekend, is a full service facility for music, mastering, voice-overs, audio post production, Film / TV commercial production, digital multimedia, and audio enhancement. Cherry Beach has over 28 years of history and industry leadership under their belt and provides an atmosphere of comfort, professionalism and creativity.

The music industry has changed significantly over the past 40 years. New technologies and the internet have made making and selling music an artist domain. Musicians can negotiate much better single-album deals because distribution is far easier. Today most of our music is on-line either ordering a CD from someplace like Amazon and/or downloading the music directly into a player with no physical item being shipped. Musicians can self-publish if they like, selling their own tunes off their own websites. As a result of this major shift in the music industry there are many more singers that are inspired to finance, write and record their own songs.

However, it's still tough to be a new artist today because the playing field is wide open and the competition between independent artists and signed label artists vying for the attention of the public to buy their music is fierce. The industry standard is high and a singer’s song must stand out and have the ‘label ready’ sound that only a high end recording facility like Cherry Beach can create. The finished product must have excellent vocal production, strong composition, arrangement and musicianship. Low budget producers and basement studios cannot create the quality in sound, vocal guidance and artist development that the music industry and radio expect.

Fortunately, for the aspiring singer there is a perfect team of experts at PG Productions and Cherry Beach Sound who can develop artists from the beginning to their end product. This dynamic collection of producers, composers, lyricist, arrangers, on-site vocal and performance coaches provide an excellent foundation towards an artist music career.

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