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Paula is an absolutely fabulous teacher for both performance and vocals. She’s honest, dedicated and motivational. She really makes an effort to get to know her students so that each lesson is individualized and personal. You come out of each session feeling like you’ve learnt something more about both music and yourself. She focuses on bringing out the real ‘you’ into every part of a performance. She teaches you how to make the performance sincere to watch yet comfortable to perform. Her vocal exercises are phenomenal. Personally, she’s given me an overall confidence in my voice that I can apply to both performing and recording. She has outstanding credentials which she applies to her teaching regularly. It makes you really trust her advice and tactics. Paula has given me the abilities and confidence to pursue my singing goals. She is a mentor. I would recommend her as a vocal/performance instructor for anyone who LOVES music and who can’t live without having singing, performing, and music in his/her life.
Angela Nash
Recording Artist

Paula has a very unique way of teaching. From my very first day she was very patient with me and seemed to be teaching me more about how to position my entire body to let different sounds come out freely (sounds that I never knew were even possible for me to sing, by the way). Who knew there was more to singing than just singing?! One thing that I thank her for is for being humbly honest, helpful, and patient. Paula has most definitely given me more than I expected. I feel like I went from beginner to pro in just 4 hrs. If anyone is in need of a fantastic vocal coach Paula is a number one pick.
Tanya-Nycole Purville
Brampton ON - Singer

I improved so much since Paula has been my teacher even though I already had ten years of singing experience. She listened to my style of singing. We were able to work on both techniques and interpretation which really helped me to improve on all aspects of my singing. Finally, she was able to point out where my qualities were and what defaults I should work on. I did notice improvements day by day which made my motivation go up day by day. I couldn't be more grateful than that day I met Paula!
Singer songwriter, Europe and Canada

I have been with Miss G for 2 years and I have to say that in all my searches for a great vocal coach she is the best I’ve ever had. I have had coaches from New York, London and Germany. I even tried two so called good coaches in Toronto who has all the celebrities but she just has something special in how she teaches. She get’s results. My voice changed in less then 4 lessons. Actually it changed the first day but I really started noticing results very early. She has the beauty (inside and out), technique and passion for the voice that I’ve never seen. I searched for her and found her and I’m so happy. But most of all that impresses me is that she is humble and has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. She is an inspiration because she not only talks the talk she walks the walk as a singer and an artist. She should be a superstar in her own right and sometimes I feel guilty thinking why is she teaching me and she should be out there in the world showing her gift. But I’m lucky to have her so far… You are the best Paula.
Lisa Russell
Toronto/New York - Aspiring Pop Diva

What can I say about Paula G.? She is just so inspirational as a singer and a teacher. She is probably one of the best singers I’ve heard in my life and she is so connected as a teacher to her students. She really wants the best for your voice and as a person. I went to school at U of T for voice and she taught me more in 2 sessions then I learned in 4 years. It’s how she approaches singing and why she sings. Her technique is sound but unique at the same time. My voice is fuller, more powerful and clearer then I’ve ever had it and I was already trained. The only way I can describe it is that she put soul into my voice. I’ve always loved soulful artist but I didn’t learn that in school just classical. But Paula has both classical training but with all her years of experience singing R&B, Gospel and Jazz she can form my voice to any of those genres. She really is a genius at what she does. Thanks Paula for the love and giving me the voice of my dreams.
Tina Stevenson
Toronto - Singer/Student

I am one of Paula's students and I must say, she is an amazing vocal coach and friend!! She takes the time out to be a friend and not just a teacher. Her skills are extraordinary and it is quite obvious when she is teaching that she has a passion for what she does. She goes the extra mile when it comes to her students and their vocal needs and aspirations. She knows I am striving to become a major recording artist and she has helped me in all aspects in terms of telling me the truth about recording contracts, managers and agents, tips on what to look out for. In addition, she has introduced me to people that can help me out and she never stops rooting for me. She doesn't just work on your vocal chords with you; she also works on artist development!! In my first few weeks with Paula I was hitting notes that I never even thought I could hit!! With her teaching me how to breathe correctly, her teaching has allowed me to open up correctly and produced the correct notes, sound and pitch!!!! I've improved 100% since starting lesson with Paula and she is one of the best vocal coaches in the world. Thanks for all your help Paula and I love you soo much!!!
Maria Opoka
R&B Singer and Actress

Thank you Paula for helping me get into The American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York in only a couple of sessions. I have no words to thank you enough for all you have done for me. I learned so much from you and you are truly a wonderful person!
Ariann Murad

Hey Paula, thanks for your professional direction and helping my voice go from ok to really good in a few months. I feel I won’t hurt myself when I’m singing on stage because you taught me good technique and how to save my voice. Now I can reach those high notes with power and projection. My girlfriend loves my voice now.
David Kellerman
Toronto - Independent Artist/ Rock Singer

I had been falling through traps for 6 years with other vocal instructors who claim they are the best of the best and things were not going as I planned. I knew I had a voice but I didn't know how to access it or show it's potential and neither did my ex vocal instructors. Luckily I found Paula's website and started lessons as soon as I could. After a month I noticed a major difference, I was not using my throat as often, which was one of my biggest issues, my cords were compressing more naturally getting me to do sounds that I had never been able to do before. After being with her for 6 months I built the confidence to recorded my first song at an actual studio, which had always been one of my goals/dreams. I am also more confident with my voice which is important for an artist to have. . I'm also happy because I found a singing teacher who is willing to keep up with my determination of become a recording artist in the future. I always look forward to my next lesson continue my fast vocal growth.
Toronto - Aspiring Singer

I met Miss G (Paula Griffith) about 12 years ago. I instantly was drawn to the quality of her singing. It absolutely touched my heart. In the years that I lived in Toronto, I would have Paula over to our home for our musical entertainment extravaganzas, where we invited both professional artists to participate. Paula was consistently one of the (if not, the) most outstanding performer. Everyone was truly in awe of her talent and her presence on stage.
Circumstances brought changes in my life and I eventually settled in Florida and re-married in 2006. The very first arrangement I immediately made was to book Paula to sing at the wedding ceremony. I would not settle for anybody else. We had to work through many situations and schedules to make sure she could fly to Palm Beach from Canada for this important event in my life. I was happy and honored to treat her as the professional artist that she was and covered all her costs and fees, and made sure she was comfortable and cared for.
My family and friends are still talking and raving about her amazing performances both at the wedding ceremony and at the reception. She definitely added a touch of something very special. And the memories we treasure would not be the same without Paula's participation.
I am very grateful to Paula for our friendship and for her professionalism. And I certainly wish her more and continued success in all her endeavors and future projects.
Cecilia A. Briggs
Professional Commercial/Fashion Model and Beauty Consultant

My name is Treson, I am a singer/songwriter in Toronto, I have worked with Paula on different occasions, a few of those being events that Paula herself has organized and effectively promoted. Paula is a professional at what she does, organized and innovative and an incredible vocalist.
Reggae/Folk/Soul Recording Artist and Songwriter

I had an audition for a very challenging position, with very little experience and a long way to go. After only one session with Paula, and by using the warm-up techniques she taught me, I was able to perform with a much improved confidence and consistent quality that helped me win the audition. Thanks, Paula!”
Jeff Brand
Brantford ON

Paula .G. is a great soulful and emotional singer. She is a joy to work with and is a beautiful spirit and voice. Her humanity speaks with every word sung.
Fred Nicholson
Keyboaard/Recording ManagerCosmo Music, FN Music, Composer/Studio Consultant

I had an audition in New York for an independent record label and I only had 2 months to get ready with my demo. Paula was in the studio with me and not only did she make a believer out of me but from my whole band. They heard me do recordings before and the new ones with Paula’s training are night and day. Not only did my voice have more power, depth, range and purity but she taught me how to sing with emotion and pulled out the best parts of my voice that made it a signature sound. There are no words that can express what Paula has done for me. She is a great teacher and she takes you to a higher level with fun and precision. What a gift she has! Anyway I got the deal and I was signed!!! Thanks Paula for making my dreams come true, you are amazing!
Candice B
Toronto, New York, London - Singer, Musician, Recording Artist

Paula is a seasoned and inspiring performer who captivates her audience no matter the setting or genre of music. As a fellow performer at 2007’s Artists for Arthritis fund raiser, it was a joy not only to work with Ms Griffith but also to watch her in action. Her vocals and emotive ability command the attention of the room and she understands what it takes to help others hone these skills. I could not recommend Paula more highly as a teacher and performer.
Isabel Matwawana

Miss G is the best vocal coach I’ve ever had in my life. My voice has grown so much. In a few weeks I noticed an amazing change. She told me it would start to change with her techniques in about 4 lessons. I was a bit skeptical because I wasn’t a great singer or anything so I just thought that can only happen with good singers. But I was pleasantly surprised when one day my voice just had this power and range. Paula is very particular when she is coaching you and tells you directly what is wrong like a good vocal doctor. She can diagnose what is wrong and can probably answer any of your vocal issues and fix it. My friends and family have noticed the big change. One day I was singing and my mom said she couldn’t believe how much different my voice was and she said she wanted to meet this woman who was changing my voice so much. That made me feel so good people can see my progress all thanks to the wonderful Miss G.
Donna Palmerton
Pickering ON - Gospel/R&B singer

I have worked with Miss G on several occasions. As far as I am concerned, she is an incredible Vocalist and creates wonderful harmonies. She strives for excellence in her music and always brings out the best in the people she works with. Working with her has certainly stepped up my own level of musicianship and I thank her for that. She is always my first call if I need a vocalist for a 'live performance or studio work.
Stevie Gee
Jazz/ Blues/ Swing Singer, Songwriter and Musician

Paula is an incredible vocal teacher. She knows what she is doing. She is gentle but firm and she changes your voice like an expert sculptor. Her voice is so pure and full that she inspires me to be a better singer. My voice changed so quickly with her methods I couldn’t believe how clear, free and full my voice felt. She really has a great technique using the Bel Canto style blended with her own unique exercises. I admire her as a powerful woman and value her expertise.
Hanna Fredrick
Brampton ON - Jazz Singer

Paula graciously performed at our annual fundraising Gala and she awed the audience with her soulful vocals. Not only is she a terrific vocalist, she has a kind heart and we are grateful for her support.
Jennifer Kuindersma
Executive Director Eppleworth Adult Centre

Thanks Paula for helping me get that audition only after 4 quick sessions. You’re amazing!
Emily Williams
Toronto - Independent Artist/Liberty Records

I can do R&B riffs now!!! I'm so excited! Paula is the vocal master!
Sachi DM

I have had the pleasure to work alongside Paula in the PACTROCKS music program (a youth music program ages 9 - 17). Our primary format is band training. As an instrumental teacher I rely on Paula to direct our vocalists to a professional level in both conduct and singing ability. Paula develops competent singers who move into our band projects while they continue to develop rapidly under her instruction. Beyond that I just love Paula's R&B / Soul style. Anyone serious about musical training will seek the talents of an experienced professional who knows the secrets of technique, style and stage. Paula Griffith is that teacher. She delivers results that meet the wide ranging needs of my program and is a pleasure to work with.
Eric S. Johnson
Riverdale Academy of New Music - Program supervisor, music consultant

Paula is a teacher from the heart….. She loves to sing and she loves to teach it….. But she is more then a teacher she is a mentor and respects people. She has every reason in the world not to be humble being beautiful, smart and talented but her humility is her best quality. My voice changed in 2 weeks (2 lessons) and continues to grow in such an astounding way I can’t recognize my voice from when I started. I told her she really needs to start recording before and after testimonials because people would be amazed.
Michael Yudkin
Toronto - TD Bank Manager/Singing Student

Over the past 2 years I have had the privilege of getting to know Paula, and performing with her in a Gospel band. Paula has been involved as a primary vocalist, and also behind the scenes in the planning and management of the future of the band and related community efforts. I have found Paula to be a positive, engaging person who approaches what she does with integrity, drive, and humility. She is very personally authentic and takes on her responsibilities with everything she has.
Musically I find her work to be both proficient and heartfelt. She is very creative and versatile, able to think on her feet and to respond to unexpected demands as the situation unfolds. She is a pleasure to work with. I consder it both a privilege and quite a reach to be able to work with her. I hope to have the privilege to continue working with her into the future.
I have no problem recommending her and fully believe you will find her more than up to whatever task you give her. Both by her raw musical talent and also by her depth of character she will bring a significant benefit to your organization.
Dave Stubbs
IT Director/Musician/Gospel Piano Player

Paula your voice is an inspiration and your teaching is powerful. Thanks for making me sing better then I ever had. Since I was young and I had all these vocal teachers give me bad technique and made me worse. Since I’ve been with you for a year, you have made my voice sound so powerful and clear. I like to sing for fun at karaoke but now everyone says I sound amazing and that I’m a good singer. You always believed in me and you gave me the results. Thanks Paula!
Rachel Carter

Canadian songstress Paula Griffith showcases her formidable talents on "Chosen", her debut CD, all written by Griffith with an assortment of writing partners and a variety of producers bringing the songs to life. But it's Griffith that undeniably ties the album together. Her vocals are both strong yet delicate and every song is an expression of her own hopes and dreams. Fresh, danceable R&B rhythms should perk up the ears of her listeners, while her message of personal hope and acceptance is both inspiring and engaging. Paula Griffith is a powerhouse of talent.
Robin Parrish
Music Press

Miss G is probably the best vocal teacher in Canada. I feel like I’ve found a jewel and the world doesn’t even know what kind of talent resides in her studio in North York. She has a gift of the ear. She knows what to listen for and teaches you to listen too. She feels the music and words and teaches you how to communicate emotions through the voice. I researched for 3 years looking for a vocal coach. I was with three and I left them all because I didn’t feel like I was growing or they didn’t know what they were doing. But Paula was not only an expert but she is the coolest woman I know. She has a relaxed style but very focused at the same time. She makes you feel comfortable because she knows how to connect with people, but when she is teaching you are under an intense session. There are times I left drained because I was concentrating so much because of the energy she pulls out. It’s an amazing experience being with Paula. Now my voice sounds so powerful.
Ashley Scott

Performer Paula Griffith, a songstress of astounding capability, won hearts and fans with her vocal dynamics
Rolph Warner
Caribbean Camera Press

It has been an absolute privilege for me to know Miss. Griffith as a teacher and friend. As a vocal teacher, Paula was always committed to my learning and growing in my abilities. Paula was always professional, organized, encouraging and supportive. It was a pleasure to have worked with her.
Kedisha Allen

As the owner of a new musical theatre company for young girls, the quality of their teachers and influences is of great importance to me. I must tell you that having you as their vocal coach and a part of this year's production has given these girls much more than was expected. Not only have your students improved vocally but they have grown tremendously in self-confidence. The encouragement you give and the skills you teach them are so visible on stage. The girls have grown very fond of you and I hope you are also proud of all that you have accomplished with them.
As a new employee to our company, I was also very impressed with the amount of preparation you put into each class. The teaching timeline you created was extremely efficient. I felt very confident that I could rely on you to complete your job without having to supervise your progress. Since I have a lot to do in this company already, it was a relief to have such an independent and professional asset to our team.
I am extremely happy that you decided to join our theatre troupe this year, as I consider you to be a valuable member of Neshama Theatre Troup. Thank you for all your hard work and positive energy!
Rivka Lomiansky
Artisc Director, Neshama Theatre Troupe

How many vocal coaches do you know can sing like Whitney Huston or Jennifer Hudson? Most teachers I’ve hired have only done classical techniques but there is no one in Toronto that I know who can sing like the true diva’s. Paula can get my singers ready because she is the best. Most of these vocal coaches out there should not be even teaching because their techniques have not produced the results in their own voice. If Paula was a personal trainer for the voice her voice would be considered a perfect model. That is why I trust her method and her experience. She is truly a gifted vocalist and teacher. She is the only one I trust with my artists.
Tony Branagh
Toronto - Music Producer

I am a composer and musician and I have hired Paula to work with some of my singers to get them ready for my recordings. Miss G is professional and fun to work with. She has an incredible vocal method that can change voices instantly. Under her direction, I’ve seen singers voices open up and have depth in just a few sessions. She has an innate ability to hear things that no one does and brings it out in the singer. She is just a phenomenon to watch.
Peter Steele
Toronto/Los Angeles/Atlanta - Composer/Music Producer

I’m a model and actress and most people said I couldn’t sing really well. I had an audition for a boat cruise job and I asked Miss G to help me get ready because I really wanted the job and experience. In 6 weeks she changed my voice. My agent was even shocked when he saw my audition tape and said he didn’t know I could sing so well. I told him it was all because of Paula!
Monica Williams
New Market ON - Singer/Model/Actress

Paula is both warm and charismatic. In addition to a great deal of experience, she brings excellent intuition and professionalism to her teaching. During my time working with her I witnessed her complete commitment to helping me grow in my journey and feel fortunate to have met such a wonderful coach and person. I have discovered my own ability to perform and have reached a comfort level in doing so. Thank you Paula!
Nadia Hosko
Singer, Songwriter, Composer - Third Year Humber Vocal Student

Paula helped me see that I was singing into my throat and I had no resonance and power. My voice hurt every time I sang. In as few as 4 sessions my voice completely changed. My throat never hurts when I sing anymore because she uses a method that is so simple but effective. Once you apply her techniques your voice instantly becomes fuller and limitless in sound. Paula is a great example of vocal discipline and she teaches you how to sing with purity and power. I feel so lucky to have found such a gifted teacher.
Joey Freedman
Independent Artist/Songwriter

After 1 hour instruction with Paula I was hooked! She is a genius. Not only does she technically know what to do but she has so much experience in all types of music that she just knows how to bring out the feeling from each word. I could already feel and hear the difference in my voice. Right then and there I knew I had to continue with Miss G if I wanted to have any chance of a career in music. Before I was always straining, especially in my high notes and now I sing with ease, clarity and power. Paula’s voice shows that her techniques work. She is a true artist and knows how to make my voice sound distinct and she has brought depth to my voice and songs. I am so grateful to know and benefit from her years of experience.
Kerry Hollinger
Toronto - Singer/Songwriter

Paula has so much experience but she is so young and fresh that she can help you sing all the current songs from pop artists like Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Beyonce and Katy Perry. My old vocal coach was intimidated by using modern singers and told me that I needed to learn classical and theatre songs only to develop my voice. At one point she even got angry when I brought in a Mariah Carey song. Paula from the beginning was amazing and asked me what songs interested me and we should start working on them right away. She has this amazing method of getting me to sing songs right away. Most vocal coaches just has you do scales for months or years but right away she puts her method’s into practice. I’m so impressed that she is a real singer and is still out there recording, producing and performing. She has a voice that you want to have; it’s like having a superstar performer teaching you all their secrets. Whoever has Paula is the luckiest singer. She has a rare gift.
Cindy Blake
Toronto - Pop R&B Singer

It’s worth the drive to North York from London Ontario to see the divine Miss Paula G. She is the most talented singer I’ve heard in person and she is a great teacher. My voice honestly changed the first session I was with her. She knows a lot about the voice and how it works and teaches you how to listen to your own voice. Within 4 sessions my voice was changed. I had no strain, developed power, fullness, depth, quality in my notes. It was really remarkable to hear myself. She definitely has the secrets to get an amazing voice and I would never go to anyone else.
Roxanne Weil
London ON - Singer/ Musician

My vocal training with Paula Griffith is one of the best investments I ever made. Words cannot express how powerful this experience has been learning from you. Two months ago I wanted to give up on my singing dreams at 26 years old. Now I have my confidence back and I think you have brought my voice to a level I never even dreamed of. Now I am excited to sing again and my passion for music has come back. Thanks to you I want to record an album and I think I will sound really great. You make magic happen!
Kenny Gatwick
Toronto - Aspiring Singer

Paula G’s method is the best in the world as far as I’m concerned. She has studied classical, learned from the greats in Jazz, knows all the vocal techniques out there, has been singing for over 20 years in so many different styles and it shows. What a voice! I want to have what she has and she wants me to have it too. She is such a giving soul and she wants you to learn so much, I think that is why her results are almost instantaneous. After only a few sessions, my voice sounds fuller, deeper and the volume is so powerful I can’t believe it. She is meticulous with details and a perfectionist but she doesn’t put that pressure on you, only on herself. She just makes sure her job is done and makes you sound the best you can be. She is a vocal genius!
Natalie Galliano
Toronto/Montreal - Singer/Model

Paula’s vocal technique is very unique and suited to each individual student. I have found her lessons to be extremely helpful in my pitch, tone quality and power. I have been taking lessons with Paula for a year and the more I practice her methods the more my voice grows and I understand what she is helping me to do. In 6 weeks when I started my voice training, it changed so dramatically that I found that it was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me. I loved coming to my lessons every week because I was so happy to see the changes and singing songs I never thought I could do. Paula is a wonderful teacher and friend. She knows so much about the music industry, performance techniques and the voice. She is the whole package! I told her she must put these techniques on DVD or CD for the world to benefit. I would buy one!
Melissa Chi
Richmond Hill - Accountant/Aspiring Singer

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