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PG Productions Vocal Studio has an intensive private vocal training program that will help you reach your goals

Learning how to sing correctly can be a challenging journey. But your experience can be an amazing one when you have an expert vocal coach who can personalize your vocal program to meet your individual needs. PG Productions Vocal Studio has an intensive private vocal training program that will help you reach your goals. Its aim is to teach not only the fundamental building blocks of singing which include; breath control, cord adducting, resonance (the mask), vowel and consonant placement, smoothing out registers, increasing vocal range, flexibility, pitch accuracy and performance, but can be modified for any age and vocal level.

This program is also specifically designed to meet a special need you would like to focus on like; increasing your range, getting rid of registers, learning to sing with more power or to learn a specific genre of music like R&B, Gospel, Country, Rock or Pop.

"That voice! That voice! I love your album, you did such a great job. Continue making music and doing your dreams..."

Jill Scott, Grammy Award Winner, Neo Soul and R&B Singer, At the Cave Dwellers movie

Expert vocal coach Paula Griffith has a very unique teaching style. She gets remarkable results so fast that most of her students have named her “The Vocal Genius”! But she feels that her claim to any success is just by her ‘listening’ and knowing how to communicate to her students what is the correct sound for them to sing. Only after a few lessons, her students begin to discover and understand how to listen to their own voices. It’s really a transformation.

The Belcanto Technique

Although her delivery may be different, many of the famous vocal coaches in the world (Ron Anderson and Jan Smith) who teach superstars like Justin Beiber, Beyonce, Christina Aguillera and Alicia keys use some of the same vocal secrets as Paula. One of the most popular vocal techniques is called Bel Canto.

The secret to Bel canto, some claim, lays in continuity of tone. Many singers are judged on their ability to pass from one musical phrase to the next with little to no interruption. The art of sustaining passages to create a beautiful line can be seen in the performances of the most famous singers.

Bel canto means, most literally, “beautiful singing.” It is a term used to describe all Italian singing, but in particular the light, bright quality that Italian opera singers use to charm audiences. Despite bel canto’s popularity, it is shrouded in obscurity. The history of this art is a complicated and mysterious one. Bel canto emerged in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, but its roots lie all the way through the Middle Ages. It began in the singing instruction that Italian masters provided their students. Because singing must be mastered internally, teaching singing is tricky. Italian masters relied on a system of teaching and listening to their pupils. When the pupil created a tone or sound that was of admirable quality, the master would urge that pupil to repeat the sound until it was ingrained in their memory. This practice became so inherent to Italian singers that Italian singing became shrouded in mystery. Many thought that Italy was protecting its singing mastery from foreign countries, when in reality it was simply espousing a valuable teaching style.

Paula has incorporated this effective vocal technique as well as many others to her vocal programs. So what sets Paula Griffith apart from most other vocal coaches?

The first clue is in her voice…Some people believe that a good vocal coach does not need to sing well. But how can you learn from a teacher whose own techniques don’t work on their own voice? Miss G has had the rare experience of being trained not only in Classical but in the styles of R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Pop and Rock…

In fact, Paula is known for her amazing voice and her versatility as a vocalist. She has performed in all vocal styles for over 20 years and knows almost every style internally. Paula knows that each style of music has its own language and she knows all the different sounds, riffs, vowel placements and even the emotion for each style of music. Most teachers say they can teach various styles of music, but has never proven their own technique in performance. Some believe they can use classical techniques and transfer them into a contemporary genre of music. But this can only be achieved artfully by a seasoned singer who can communicate their knowledge from the stage to the class room. It’s difficult to show a student how to sing a particular style of song when you have never done it. All of Miss G’s students specifically come to study with her because they have been frustrated by their teachers in the past.

She is confident that her private one on one sessions will help you develop a greater voice then you ever imagined.

“I have greatly enjoyed my lessons with Paula and have found her a knowledgeable and friendly teacher. Paula was able to make me feel comfortable taking singing lessons despite my initial nervousness. Lessons with her enabled me to improve my singing ability significantly and she helped give me the edge I needed to create the best music possible.”

Jake Reynolds Singer, Songwriter Toronto
  1. Breath Support
  2. Control
  3. Pitch accuracy
  4. Tone quality
  5. Cord Compression
  6. Mixing the voice/smoothing out registers
  7. Resonance (The Vocal Mask)
  8. Vowel Placement and Consonants (Pure sound)
  9. Increase range and power
  10. Style and presentation of song
  11. Price:

    Paula Griffith - $130 Per/hour

    Haley Midgette - $90 Per/hour

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