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Have you ever dreamed of performing a song that captivated an audience?

The fear of standing in front of people is overwhelming. Even if you’re confident in other areas of life sometimes when you start to sing you strangely enough start to be closed off in your emotions, cold and even robotic in your movements. It may even seem that you are singing with all your heart but you feel that you are not all there emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What’s going on? A great performance can only happen when there is an integration of the mind, body and soul with the voice being able to communicate your true state of being. Therefore, you are not truly singing unless you express who you really are as a person. But how does one achieve this challenging task?

You need an experienced performance coach who has worked on TV, film and theatre, who has worked with groups, mega choirs and celebrities. You need a coach who can look inside and pull that ultimate performance out of you.

You need an experienced performer who has performed in front of thousands consistently and have won rave reviews for their performance style. You need a coach who can deliver the ultimate performance, who can give you first-hand knowledge, skill, insight and direction on what to do.

True confidence comes from having solid training and experience.

Most teachers will tell you to just think positively and just will yourself to be confident through visual exercises. Unfortunately, they may lack experience as a performer themselves, have been taught incorrectly, or was just a natural performer growing up and therefore does not know how to help a singer overcome this major challenge.

True confidence comes from having solid training and experience. Just like an Olympic athlete has a coach to help them do a series of movements over and over again to condition their body to achieve extraordinary things, so must a singer who wants to perform.

Master vocal and performance coach Paula Griffith provides a unique program that teaches a singer how to present themselves using their mind, body and soul in a consistent way in order to achieve their ultimate performance. She has a great sense of the body and helps the performer connect to each word to create a physical, emotional and spiritual expression.

Along with her own methodology and fragments of the “Stanislavski System” of acting, Paula has developed a detailed program that helps you have a stand out performance. Stanislavski is an approach to acting developed by Konstantin Stanislavski, a Russian actor, director, and theatre administrator at the Moscow Art Theatre (founded 1897). The system is the result of Stanislavski’s many years of efforts to determine how a human being can control in performance the most intangible and uncontrollable aspects of human behavior, such as emotions and artistic inspiration.

Stanislavski used the Method of Physical Action (MPA). The Method of Physical Action (hereafter, MPA) is complex. It requires an understanding of the significance of physical action, and in the performance of physical action.

The idea behind the MPA is fairly simple, but its implications are profound. It is based on the idea that the only thing an actor will ever have control of in his life is “his body.” Emotions may be remembered and brought up via emotional memory, but Stanislavski generally considered this a rehearsal tool or technique of research. Therefore the actor and the director must work hard to use the body, that is, the body’s performance of physical action, as the primary material of creation. That is the subject of the rehearsal process: how to come to physical actions that affect the actor and bring the scene to life at the same time.

So in one pass both emotional and aesthetic considerations of a scene are dealt with. The actor can work with an enormity (indeed, infinity) of options; he senses the entire landscape of possibilities of performance.

Paula incorporates the powerful ideas of Stanislavski, but takes it a step further by combining forces with Mona el Baroudi an incredible actor and instructor for 30 years who can bring out the emotions within the singers body. This is no easy task, but with expertise and compassion, Mona is the best. Mona is a trained acting professional (BFA, Concordia University & MFA York University), and a member of Canadian Actors Equity Association (CAEA) and the Association of Radio and Television Artists (ACTRA). Mona is a professional theatre director of a wide range of productions from Michelle Tremblay’s "Les Belles Soeurs" to Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” and Mozart’s “der schauspieldirektor.” She has also worked as a producer and as an actor both on-stage and in film.

She has extensive experience both as an independent acting coach and as a teacher at the college level for performance, acting technique, acting for film and auditioning skills. Mona has also successfully trained and accompanied students to IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Agency) Competitions in Los Angeles. Mona is currently the Project Manager for the Multimedia Film Festival of York region. Mona is thrilled to be part of the PG Productions team and is excited to mold our future aspiring singers and bring out the ultimate performance. By using Paula and Mona’s powerful conditioning techniques that will focus your mind and allow your emotions to come out through the body in each performance, you will achieve pure synergy and become a powerful presence on stage.

  1. The Voice- The Gift
  2. Good Physical Vocal Abilities - Technique
  3. Proportional Body- It’s all about balance
  4. Body Language/Blocking- Eyes, mouth, shoulders, hands, legs
  5. Balanced Personality– Why do YOU sing?
  6. Balanced Emotions
  7. Well Rounded Intelligence
  8. Fear Is The Enemy- How to get rid of those nerves
  9. Knowing One-Self: Wisdom and communication is the foundation
  10. Relationship- The building blocks to connection with an audience
  11. Inner Energy- What is it? How do we give it? Why should we give it all?
  12. Capacity- how much can we give
  13. Preparation/Conditioning- Develop confidence and overcoming fear
  14. Relaxation, Relate, Release- The keys that opens up everything
  15. Confidence- More than positive thinking
  16. Synergy- Mind, body, soul, spirit (putting it all together)
  17. Intent- The Mindset. What is your intent when performing?
  18. Delivery- Commitment
  19. The Edge- Taking your audience to a higher place (master techniques)
  20. Reaching- The Ultimate Performance
  21. Price:

    $150 (Per/hour with Paula)

    Call 647-501-8147
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